Hell On Steel Outdoors


Adam has been hunting since he has been able to walk.  Whether it was trying to keep up with his grand dad chasing wild coveys  of quail in western Kentucky, or sitting with his dad by frozen lakes waiting for the migration of mallards to drop in the decoys, hunting was passed to him as a passion.



Brooke, a North Carolina native now turned Michigander, purchased her first bow four years ago and has been hooked since. From whitetails and turkeys to steelhead fishing and carp shooting, if it’s in the outdoors you can find her there! She has fallen in love with the pursuit and is armed with a passion that fuels her to succeed and further her education in anything and everything outdoors.


Born and raised in Kentucky I was introduced to the outdoors way of life at an early age and since then I have become extremely passionate about hunting and the outdoors. It doesn’t matter if it’s sitting in a tree stand on a cold November morning with my rifle or standing on the deck of a boat on a hot July night with my bow there’s nothing better! Being outdoors is a way for me to zone out and really relax, it’s a relief from the world and a place I give nearly all of my free time to.


Hello everybody my name is Dustin Lucas. I am 27 years old and have a love for the outdoors a mile wide. From chasing white tails, to sticking fish, and searching for sheds and arrowheads, my way of life always consists of being outside in this beautiful country. Being an avid outdoorsman is a way for me to relax and enjoy my time off work. It’s my place to go to regroup, to just sit and think, it’s my place I can lose every thought imaginable and just enjoy being apart of nature and all that it acquires. My favorite part of being outdoors is chasing big whitetails. It’s an endless journey especially when you set out to find his sheds which to me is like a needle in a haystack, seems impossible at times but the drive it gives you to hunt and to accomplish finding those sheds and harvesting a buck that you have worked so hard for is a feeling that can not be explained. It’s the reason we do what we do, all for that one special moment.